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HeroQuest (often mistakenly mispelled as Hero Quest) is a board game from the 1990s developed by Milton Bradley. The game is regarded as an influential entry into the board game RPG genre. This game is not to be confused with the Quest For Glory: Hero Quest, a PC adventure game published by Sierra.

Milton Bradley struck a great balance with the gameplay of HeroQuest. RPG board games are usually prohibitive in nature, but the gameplay and strategy in Hero quest strikes a unique compromise where there is just enough to keep seasoned veterans happy, while having enough simple fun to draw in newcomers.

The HeroQuest Game System developed somewhat of a cult following throughout the 1990s, and due to its niche success, even spawned computer game iterations on the Amiga and the PC. Several expansion packs were also made to accompany HeroQuest.

However, due to a somewhat limited run and Milton Bradley's financial woes at the time, Hero Quest has become somewhat of a collectors item. The price on the board game tends to rise by 10% to 15% every year, and it becomes increasingly harder to find.

Step by step instructions to Buy the Hero Quest board game:

1: Finding this game in a retail setting is impractical. Therefore, we highly recommend that you use trusted a online product platform to find the game at a relatively inexpensive price (I have seen board game dealers charge upwards of $500 for this game. You do not need to pay that much!)

2: Because of the fluctuating nature of an item like this, telling you exactly who to purchase it from is not practical. However, it seems to always be in stock at Amazon and eBay. Here are links to the cheapest prices for HeroQuest on both Amazon and eBay, so you can find HeroQuest for yourself:

HeroQuest on Amazon (Recommended First)

HeroQuest on eBay (Recommended Second)

3: Browse the currently available products, making sure to pay attention to both the price and the condition of the game. Also, make sure to read and understand all of the terms included in the sales listing or auction.

4: On Amazon, ordering is straight forward. On eBay, you will need to place a bid or use the "Buy it Now" feature (when available).

If you still need help figuring out how to buy the Hero Quest board game, you are welcome to watch the video tutorial below:

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HeroQuest on Amazon

HeroQuest on eBay


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The Hero Quest Game System includes a board, an instruction manual, a "Quest Book" (more details on this later), playing cards, and many miniature figurines representing the heroes, monsters and furniture. It also features tiles to represent obstacles on the game board, and playing dice (two standard red six sided dice and 6 white and black combat dice).

Because most people tend to buy the Hero Quest game system used, you will want to make sure that the game you purchase is as complete as possible when it comes to the pieces, as finding vital components can be a bit difficult.

However, If worst cames to worst, replacement Hero Quest cards and tiles can often be printed out online.

HeroQuest is not necesarilly an ideal game for young children, as the rules and strategy can be a bit complicated. However, a child aged 10 and above can easily and quickly learn the rules.

The game is meant to be played with from 2-5 players. One player must invariably play as "Zargon" (Morcar in the UK) who plays the role of the evil villian and dungeon master. Zargon/Morcar has ultimate control over the game universe, as he possesses the Quest Book, which has directions that determine how the game's chapters unfold.

The remaining players play as the Barbarian, the Dwarf, the Elf, or the Wizard. Players can play as many of these heroes as they wish as they battle the forces of evil.

HeroQuest was initially released in the UK under the Games Workshop label, and was brought to the United States with Milton Bradley's help a year later. Some game localization and balance changes were made, including an all new first quest in the US release.

For more information on HeroQuest, a great website for board games is Board Game Geeks:

Find More Information on Hero Quest at BoardGameGeeks.com


Where is Hero Quest Available?

You are very unlikely to find HeroQuest randomly in stores. However, it is still available online at websites such as eBay or Amazon. You may also try websites that specialize in board game trading or a website like Craigslist to attempt to find a local Hero Quest seller in your area.

Background Information:

Milton Bradley developed Hero Quest in conjunction with Games Workshop, the creator of the acclaimed Warhammer Fantasy Universe. The board game was released in the UK in 1989, and the United States in 1990.

Price: The price of HeroQuest fluctuates, but it tends to only get more and more expensive. If you are considering purchasing Hero Quest, we advise that you do so now.
Similar Products to Compare: None at this time; have a suggestion? Let us know!

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